I was arrested for a misdemeanor in Texas 16 years ago. The charges got dropped, so I assumed nothing would appear on my criminal record.

I decided to switch jobs and the arrest showed up on my criminal background check!!!! After 16 years!!!

I was denied the job!

I went to a local attorney and he wanted to charge me $1,800.00 to expunge my criminal record. I’m a registered nurse with 3 kids, I didn’t have $1,800.00! I found Records Removal Services on the internet and contacted them. I enrolled for the bargain price of $300.00 and did everything they told me to do.

I cannot speak highly enough of Records Removal Services (www.recordsremoval.com) and their team of specialists. My record was expunged and I no longer appear in any criminal databases.

I know there are a lot of internet scams, but Records Removal Services is the real deal.

If you have a criminal record and cannot get a job, you should contact them at (866) 521-4441.

I will be forever in their debt, and wanted to post this page in tribute to them.

Save you money; don't pay outrageous fees when you can get a bargain for $300.00!!!


M. Thomas-Dixon
Former Client

My first name is intentionally withheld; with over 25 million people in Texas, good luck figuring out my first name (if you are an employer). But, honestly it isn't that big a deal anymore since I am now employed and most companies WILL hire you if you can get your criminal record cleared!